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Lip Fillers

The last 12 months has seen the demand for lip fillers explode, with more and more women, and men opting to plump up their pouts. Its  seems that our appearance conscious society will do anything to improve their appearance whether by natural means or a little boost. Many people have their own views on cosmetic surgery and Un-invasive treatments, however it is down to the individual to make a decision based on their own needs and by considering the risk of cosmetic procedures such as Lip Filler.

What are lip fillers and what do they contain?

Lip fillers are injections which are used to create more volume and definition to the lip area, the medical term is called lip augmentation. Lip fillers initially contained silicone, however this practise has since been abandoned due to fears of the effects off silicone in the body. The use of silicone for lip fillers came with various complications such as reactions and allergies, and if the person administering the silicone made a mistake it was virtually impossible to correct, once the silicone has been injected directly into the lips.There have been a few horror stories surrounding silicone fillers and we are glad to know that these are a thing of the past.

Lip filler containing collagen were very popular at up until recently, collagen fillers became popular in the 80’s where their use was standard practice. However there are draw backs with collagen fillers, the collagen is actually extracted from Bovine hide, which is a cow hide. If the thought of having the hide of a cow injected in to your lips does not sit well with you, it is just as well ,that technology has moved on and collagen fillers are not as common place. As mentioned previously there are certain draw backs with collagen which include having to undergo an allergy test first to see if you will experience a reaction. This means that the treatment cannot be performed straight away with a waiting period of around 3 weeks.

Fat injections are also a possibility for lip fillers, under these circumstances the fat is  extracted from the patients body via liposuction and then transferred into the lips. This option is not as popular due to the risks and side affects that come with Liposuction and the increased recovery time.

The most popular type of filler on the market these days are hyaluronic acid. This substance has become one of the favourites as there are very little to no side effects. The Hyaluronic acid is very similar to a substance that is already naturally found in the body, therefore the chances of adverse reaction are reduced. Another added benefit of using Hyaluronic acid is that if a mistake is made there is an antidote that will dissolve the acid away. The antidote is called Hyaluronidase and is an Enzyme which breaks down the Hyaluronic acid.

Where should I get lip fillers done?

We Would also recommend that you get your fillers done by a Doctor and not in a Spa. Whilst in certain countries the legislation surrounding injections is very relaxed we would always recommend  visiting a Doctor as they have the necessary  qualifications to be able to prescribe medication which may be required for aftercare purposes, as well as being able to administer the correct treatment should something go wrong during the procedure.

Lip Fillers how long do they last?

Hyaluronic acid lip fillers last the longest and can last up to 6 months, most people opt for two treatments twice a year. Out of all the fillers, Hyaluronic acid last the longest, with brands Juvederm and Restylane being the Doctors preferred option, out of the two most Doctors have a preference for Juvederm as it softer and easier to inject with a more realistic finish.

Lip Fillers before and After

Well, we know you will all be curious  to see  what the before and after pictures are like once the treatment is finished. We have  found the perfect site where you can view as many before and after pictures of real people  which have had the surgery done, and just so you know, there are also both men and women who have opted to plump up their pouts. Check out the before and afters at, whats great about this site is that you can filter on gender and filter on age. This will help you get a better understanding of the results, as the results vary with age, and gender due to skin type, and loss of elasticity which is found with older skin. Dont forget people, sometimes the results are what you expect, and sometimes you may get unevenness and lopsidedness, so make sure you do your research before hand.



Teeth whitening kit

A few years ago I was sent a teeth whitening kit that I adored, teeth whitening has become a popular way for us normal folks to boost our smiles, this can be done at the dentist for quite a high price. However, the products that you can purchase at home these days are highly comparable to dentist treatments.  I have decided to do a review of this kit, and whilst I am not comparing it to other teeth whitening products on the market,I wanted to give an account of my experience and results of the product.

Teeth whitening kits have been increasing in popularity over the last 5 years especially kits that can be used at home. There has been some mixed reviews about the effectiveness and some safety concerns. However from experience I have had some good results. I have always visited my dentist for teeth whitening, which costed around $350 at the time. However after kindly receiving the product  through the mail, it is only fair that I give an account of the results.

The science behind teeth whitening kits 

Before we go any further, lets  take a look at the science of  teeth whitening and the types of gels that are used. Most teeth whitening gels on the market use either non-peroxide Components, Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, it is unlikely that a home teeth whitening kit will contain hydrogen peroxide in its pure form. The reason for this is that the shelf life is limited, as it  only last three months. This means it’s unsuitable for home use as it is likely to be near expiration  by the time the product is received. There are some companies out there selling Hydrogen peroxide gels, however, Just double check the product and the expiration date before use.

As the product I received contains carbamide peroxide we are going to delve into this a little further. How does carbamide teeth whitening gel work? Carbamide peroxide is a complex that breaks down when it makes  contact with water then releases hydrogen peroxide, in relation to home teeth whitening gel, the complex will break down when it comes into contact with the saliva on the surface of the tooth. Once the Carbamide peroxide has broken down, It will then convert into hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide will then Start to breakdown the stains. Stains On the tooth surface fall into two categories, intrinsic stains, which are  stains on the inside, and  extrinsic stains, which are stains on the outside. This  kit will tackle most stains both intrinsic and extrinsic however different strengths of gel can be used, If you are unsure, you  can head over to the website and ask which type of gel will be most suitable for your type of staining.

Teeth whitening review

The teeth whitening kit was sent to me by Think Bizzle and Smile. The main  active Ingredient in their gel that causes the whitening is Carbamide peroxide, Think Bizzle and Smile offer strengths from 16% to 44%, they recommend that a 22% kit is used initially if you have never undergone the procedure or if you have known sensitivity to hot and cold foods or peroxide products. However, If you want to avoid peroxide all together they do offer a non peroxide version of the product

I was sent the Deluxe Double syringe teeth whitening kit, which contained 1 22% gel and 1 36% Gel, there was also a set of trays included and a LED light to help accelerate the whitening process. The trays provided were boil and bite trays, which are also called thermoforming trays. The trays come as a standard size however, they must be moulded  before hand, by using hot water,  hence the word thermo.  After boiling hot water the trays are placed into the hot water for around 10 seconds until they start to soften, it’s important not to swish the trays as they can become misshaped.  After this I carefully took the trays out of the water and then dripped the excess water of, without shaking once again,  I then placed the trays into my mouth (here comes the fun part)  then you suck the air through your teeth, almost like you’ve eaten  chilli and you’re trying to cool your mouth down. By sucking the air through, it creates a vacuum which causes the trays to take shape and creates a perfect imprint of your teeth.  The trays do need to be trimmed to size, so be careful at this point. I did mess up my first attempt but luckily, with the deluxe kit, they do give you an extra set of trays.  After the trays have been set, you carefully apply the gel to each tooth, they recommend you use a cotton swab for accuracy which is what I did. The instructions you get a very clear and I didn’t have any issues following them.  

I initially used the 22% gel and I started to see results within 3 days, the colour of my teeth had already started to improve by 2 shades. I didn’t have any sensitivity to the 22%, the instructions were clear, but must be followed to the T, to ensure you do not get any of the gel on your gums.

After a 3 days  I saw good results, the stains had been removed but I could still visibly see a yellow ridge at the gum line. I decided to up the ante, and use the 36% Carbamide peroxide syringe. Whilst this gel is stronger I had to take good care applying the gel directly to each tooth, as well as using the vitamins E Oil which acts as a  barrier just incase some of the gel comes into contact with the teeth in error.

The results I got from the stronger gel were amazing, my teeth were 7 shades whiter, which was a great result. I have always had pretty decent teeth however they were in need of a spring clean. If you want more information on the product check out their website at Think Bizzle and Smile.



The time eventually comes for us all where we happen to glance in the mirror and our appearance isn’t what it once was. Whether it be deep furrows in the forehead, sagging in the upper brow region, drooping of the jowls, or a thin lipped trout pout. Sometimes we just need a boost, and there is only so much a skin care  routine can do, unless you have been preening from the age of Eighteen, with an expensive array of cosmetics and skin care products, you may hit your early too mid thirties to fourties and realise that you need help which cannot be found in a tub of face cream. In instances such as these we can review all the options available to us, however, sometimes there is only one option and that is Botox.

So what is Botox? We have all heard off it, but what is it actually comprised off? Botox is the registered trade mark name for a prescription medicine which is injected, and is typically used for cosmetic reasons to reduce frown lines, crows feet, deep wrinkles on the forehead and deep creases between the eyes.  Botox is a toxin, Botulinum which is produced by a bacteria called Clostridium botulinum, the toxin of this bacteria causes botulism.

If you  are not familiar with botulism, it can cause paralysis, and in some cases fatality. The most common cause of botulism comes from food consumption where food is improperly processed and the bacteria grows, this occurred in canned foods during the early 1900s . Although this sounds rather scary, botulinum has been used in the medical field for decades, it was first observed in a clinical sense in 1820. Anyway long story short, botulinum has been used in the medical profession to treat muscle spasms, involuntary twitches and  muscle related eye disorders. However Surgeon Richard Clark first used botulinum to treat asymmetry caused by temporary nerve damage caused by a face lift, carefully using botulinum to paralyse and relax the opposing muscle. Further more it was observed whilst correcting medical conditions that wrinkles were reduced. It was later observed that there was a reduction of wrinkles between the eyes, known as the 11’s these are the two creases that occur between the eyebrows.

This  brings us to the era of non invasive treatments, approval was sought in 1989 for the use of  botulinum for cosmetic purposes. Cosmetic use botulinum  has been branded as Botox by pharmaceutical company Allergan, and is a registered trade mark. Botox was only approved to be used on the 11’s or the lines between the eyebrows, however the use extends to smoothing wrinkles on the fore head, crows feet at the side of the eyes. Whilst this product may be the go to for celebrities and the like, is all as it seems?


Side effects of botox use

It should be noted, that there may be side effects with the use of botox, which can be life threatening in some cases. In some cases Botox, can spread beyond the initial site of where the product was administered and cause paralysis and muscle weakness in unwanted areas. Some of the side effects may include bladder weakness, blurred vision, deepening of the voice, drooping eyelids, breathing difficulty and dizziness. Check out the maker of botox website for more details  .

It’s important that you do not over use botox, and stick to the outlined timeframe for top ups, we read a rather amusing  article whereby the recipient was less than forthcoming when having their top up of botox, which left them with a higher arched brow than Spock. So it is imperative that you are honest when it comes to treatment times, if you change your doctor.

We would also recommend that you do thorough research, and that you get the treatment from a Doctor and not a nurse. Once again botox is a toxin and a nurse my not have the necessary skills to correct a mistake, or be able to prescribe additional medication if required.

How to get rid of Stretch Marks

Most people are likely to have  experienced stretch marks at some point in their  lifetime , some of us dont mind the odd stretch mark, beauty spot, mole or blemish. However, there are others that are slightly more conscious of their body and the way it appears. So in today’s article we will discuss stretch marks, how they are caused and what we can do to reduce the appearance, or, altogether prevent them in the first instance, however before we identify how to get rid of Stretch Marks, we need to understand what they are.

Firstly, what are stretch marks and how do they occur? Stretch marks are a type of scarring that occurs on the skin surface, and can initially appear purple or reddish, or light brown, depending on your ethnicity. Stretch marks usually appear as lines that are usually  vertical in direction , but may also go in a horizontal direction, this usually occurs in adolescent males across the back, and over the spine, due to rapid growth.

Stretch marks occur when the skin expands rapidly and is unable to cope with the change in the dermis, this causes tearing within the skin layer which in turn causes the stretch marks. The collagen and elastin in the skin weakens, and the normal cycle of collagen production is broken, which means that there is insufficient collagen in the skin to keep it supple during this rapid phase of expansion.

These marks  are most common in teenagers especially boys, in  pregnant women and in people that gain weight rapidly due to obesity or in body builders, the stretch marks in body builders or weight lifters, usually occur across the shoulders. Stretch marks related to pregnancy are referred to as Striae gravidarum. These types of marks occur once again due to the rapid expansion of the skin, and are predominant on the breasts, thighs, hips and abdomen.  Whilst these blemishes diminish over time, and usually after child birth, they never fully disappear. This brings us to the question can you truly get rid of stretch marks?

How to get rid of Stretch Marks

As the professionals have informed us, there is no clinical proof that any of the supposed treatments to get rid of stretch marks work, but can we improve the appearance with some of the treatment on offer? Or do Stretch marks just fade with time as all scar tissue does?

As we previously mentioned stretch marks occur where there is rapid stretching of the skin, and the collagen is weakened and depleted in the area, but what if there was a way for us to create more collagen to support the dermis, if would could produce more collagen, could we prevent, or get rid of Stretch marks altogether? Next we  will look  at collagen boosting products.

Collagen creams

Collagen cream contain the active protein which is supposed to penetrate the skin and help boost our collagen levels. However it should be noted that it is not possible for collagen molecules to pass through the surface of the skin as the molecules are too large, and will only sit aimlessly on the surface of the skin. However our  sources tell us that there are creams that have collagen amino acids, which are protein molecules that are small enough to bypass the epidermis.


Can supplements boost collagen levels and in turn get rid of stretch marks? Could it be down to that good old vitamin C? If you didn’t know already Vitamin C helps support the amino acids needed to rebuild collagen.

We were interested to see if a dedicated skin supplement can help us boost collagen, we came across a fantastic case study that demonstrated that taking a daily supplement can boost Collagen up to 25%, check out this article that delves deeper, the product in question is called IMEDEEN®, and we a very intrigued about this product,  however at $55 a month, I think this one is for the wish list.

Derma Rollers

Next we are going to look at how to get rid of Stretch Marks with Derma Rollers. Now this is an intriguing one, I have actually had this treatment performed  by a Dermatologist, and the initial consultation consisted of various questions one being, do you fancy 1000 tiny pricks on your face?…. take that however you will. Anyway, I had the treatment  and whilst local anaesthetic  had been administered   I could feel what I would refer to as “pressure” and some discomfort especially over the forehead . However I found the treatment to plump and restore the fullness of my skin and to rejuvenate  my skin. So I must declare that this treatment was performed on my face, and not on my stretch Marks however the overall result was to improve and replenish  the collagen levels.

Derma rollers are hand held devices that have micro titanium pins on a roller with sole purpose of puncturing the skin, so why put our largest organ through so much trauma? Well this is exactly what the derma roller is intended to do, cause trauma to the skin, and by doing so, the body does what it must always do to survive, heal itself.

Lets look at the science behind derma rollers,

Derma rollers cause fractal damage to the skin, causing the skin to repair itself, collagen is then regenerated. The newly regenerated collagen can help fill out wrinkles, add fullness to the skin and help reduce scars, as stretch marks are types of scars, dermal rollers can therefore help reduce the appearance and help get rid of stretch marks. At times when we are at higher risk of stretch marks such as pregnancy, you may want to consider using derma rollers as a preventative measure, ensure that the skin has plenty of collagen to support the rapid expansion of the skin. The overall performance from derma rollers will vary, as only clinical and medical depth rollers penetrate the skin deep enough to stimulate collagen reproduction, anything less than 2.00mm pin will not penetrate the skin deep enough to stimulate collagen.

The Moisture balance

Skin that is dry is more prone to getting stretch marks in comparison to healthy skin with a healthy moisture balance. Usually dry skin has less elasticity which can make this type of skin Susceptible to stretch marks. Keeping your skin well moisturised can prevent stretch marks. We recommend that you use a thick cream or balm  to keep the skin hydrated, our favourites are:

Elisabeth Arden eight hour cream which is a classic

The Body shops Hemp oil body butter

Virgin Coco oil solids or Virgin Shea Butter both by  Akamuti


There may be limited research surrounding how to get rid of Stretch Marks, but what we do know is there are steps that can be taken to actively reduce and prevent them.

Brazilian Butt Lift


There was a time when a small butt was most favoured, where no woman would ever wish for a large derrière or more junk in her trunk. But these days, (no pun intended) butts and Brazilian Butt Lifts have become all the rage . What has changed in our psyche? Over the past 5 years we have seen an explosion in those wanting a fuller and more defined derrière, but has it always been this way?

Over time, the perceived body shape ideal for a women has changed from slim delicate and androgynous in the 1920’s, to a voluptuous curvy hour glass in the 1940’s and 1950’s, which gave rise to Marylyn Monroes body shape. In the 1960’s that all changed, with the rise of  aptly named Twiggy and her equally  twiggy body shape. The 1970’s and 1980’s had a similar body type, of tall thin, small breasts, buttocks and narrow shoulders. During the early 1990’s we saw both the super model with her athletic and slender physique take centre stage.

In The late 90’s things started to change, flat chests are out, and breasts are in, whether you had your own or not, you could purchase a pair, purchase a padded bra, or in the earlier naughties you could buy chicken fillets, the perfect sized silicone filled breast pads that boost whatever you have to larger proportions.

Which brings us to the present, everything is bigger, lips breasts, eyebrows, you name it, bigger seems to be better for our most obvious gender defining physical assets. Bigger bottoms are everywhere, with the likes of Beyonce the Kardashians ,Jennifer Lopez  and Nicci Minage flashing those cans all over town, reenforcing that our body type ideals do change with time, which has made the Brazilian Butt Lift evermore popular.

So how can we go about obtaining the perfect Brazilian Butt Lift? Many people have turned to the gym to obtain the perfect rear, performing  dead lifts to squats and lunges, but can these truly give the results and lift that will fill out a pair of 501’s?

Gym Work outs to achieve the perfect Brazilian Butt Lift

So most of us agree that a good glute can be achieve with working out, we are not going to go into the science behind it but we have picked, three videos from You Tube that we feel will get you onto a winner.

In no Particular order here are 4 of our top picks that can be done at home, in the gym, or if you have limited time.

We would always recommend  that if you are going to embark on physical exercise  of this nature that you have no medical risk and that you are in good health, If in doubt you should consult with your physician.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Some people do not want to go through the trouble of going to the gym to boost their bottoms, and opt for the Brazilian Butt lift surgery. We are going to explore  what the  Brazilian Butt lift surgery entails, considering the pros, the cons and the pitfalls.

There are two types of  Butt lift surgery, or as it is called in the medical profession Buttock augmentation, the first we are going to discuss relates to silicone implants being directly placed within the buttock. The  second procedure  consists  of your own fat being injected into the Gluteus Maximus to give that Authentic look, but which is the most effective and safest augmentation?

Brazilian Butt Lift Implant

The Brazilian Butt Lift by way of implant, consists of a silicone implant being inserted. After an initial consultation with your surgeon they will decide on the best approach for the implant, which can be inserted by incision either within the crease of the buttock cheeks, or in the lower creases of the buttock cheeks, your Physician will asses where the best placement will be. Once the surgery is complete the results can be viewed fully, there will be some swelling which will reduce after 6 weeks.

Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Graft

In this procedure fat will be removed from other areas of the body by liposuction, the fat will be the injected into various sites on the buttocks until the desired result is attained. The full results of the surgery will not be visible until after one year of the surgery. Around 45% – 60% of the  injected fat is retained, the rest is absorbed into the body, therefore the results may not be as prominent as silicone implants.

With all surgery there are risks involved, however there seems to be greater risk with the fat graft butt lift, over recent years there have been deaths associated to fat grafts. The most common issue is fat clots which travel through the body and clogging the arteries of the heart causing cardiac arrest in the patients there is also risk of oil cysts and fat embolism as well as other complications.

If your going to opt for Surgery it is best that you are fully aware of the risks involved. If you can avoid surgery altogether to achieve the desired derrière then we would suggest you follow a dedicated workout program.

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