Brazilian Butt Lift


There was a time when a small butt was most favoured, where no woman would ever wish for a large derrière or more junk in her trunk. But these days, (no pun intended) butts and Brazilian Butt Lifts have become all the rage . What has changed in our psyche? Over the past 5 years we have seen an explosion in those wanting a fuller and more defined derrière, but has it always been this way?

Over time, the perceived body shape ideal for a women has changed from slim delicate and androgynous in the 1920’s, to a voluptuous curvy hour glass in the 1940’s and 1950’s, which gave rise to Marylyn Monroes body shape. In the 1960’s that all changed, with the rise of  aptly named Twiggy and her equally  twiggy body shape. The 1970’s and 1980’s had a similar body type, of tall thin, small breasts, buttocks and narrow shoulders. During the early 1990’s we saw both the super model with her athletic and slender physique take centre stage.

In The late 90’s things started to change, flat chests are out, and breasts are in, whether you had your own or not, you could purchase a pair, purchase a padded bra, or in the earlier naughties you could buy chicken fillets, the perfect sized silicone filled breast pads that boost whatever you have to larger proportions.

Which brings us to the present, everything is bigger, lips breasts, eyebrows, you name it, bigger seems to be better for our most obvious gender defining physical assets. Bigger bottoms are everywhere, with the likes of Beyonce the Kardashians ,Jennifer Lopez  and Nicci Minage flashing those cans all over town, reenforcing that our body type ideals do change with time, which has made the Brazilian Butt Lift evermore popular.

So how can we go about obtaining the perfect Brazilian Butt Lift? Many people have turned to the gym to obtain the perfect rear, performing  dead lifts to squats and lunges, but can these truly give the results and lift that will fill out a pair of 501’s?

Gym Work outs to achieve the perfect Brazilian Butt Lift

So most of us agree that a good glute can be achieve with working out, we are not going to go into the science behind it but we have picked, three videos from You Tube that we feel will get you onto a winner.

In no Particular order here are 4 of our top picks that can be done at home, in the gym, or if you have limited time.

We would always recommend  that if you are going to embark on physical exercise  of this nature that you have no medical risk and that you are in good health, If in doubt you should consult with your physician.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Some people do not want to go through the trouble of going to the gym to boost their bottoms, and opt for the Brazilian Butt lift surgery. We are going to explore  what the  Brazilian Butt lift surgery entails, considering the pros, the cons and the pitfalls.

There are two types of  Butt lift surgery, or as it is called in the medical profession Buttock augmentation, the first we are going to discuss relates to silicone implants being directly placed within the buttock. The  second procedure  consists  of your own fat being injected into the Gluteus Maximus to give that Authentic look, but which is the most effective and safest augmentation?

Brazilian Butt Lift Implant

The Brazilian Butt Lift by way of implant, consists of a silicone implant being inserted. After an initial consultation with your surgeon they will decide on the best approach for the implant, which can be inserted by incision either within the crease of the buttock cheeks, or in the lower creases of the buttock cheeks, your Physician will asses where the best placement will be. Once the surgery is complete the results can be viewed fully, there will be some swelling which will reduce after 6 weeks.

Brazilian Butt Lift Fat Graft

In this procedure fat will be removed from other areas of the body by liposuction, the fat will be the injected into various sites on the buttocks until the desired result is attained. The full results of the surgery will not be visible until after one year of the surgery. Around 45% – 60% of the  injected fat is retained, the rest is absorbed into the body, therefore the results may not be as prominent as silicone implants.

With all surgery there are risks involved, however there seems to be greater risk with the fat graft butt lift, over recent years there have been deaths associated to fat grafts. The most common issue is fat clots which travel through the body and clogging the arteries of the heart causing cardiac arrest in the patients there is also risk of oil cysts and fat embolism as well as other complications.

If your going to opt for Surgery it is best that you are fully aware of the risks involved. If you can avoid surgery altogether to achieve the desired derrière then we would suggest you follow a dedicated workout program.

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