How to get rid of Stretch Marks

Most people are likely to have  experienced stretch marks at some point in their  lifetime , some of us dont mind the odd stretch mark, beauty spot, mole or blemish. However, there are others that are slightly more conscious of their body and the way it appears. So in today’s article we will discuss stretch marks, how they are caused and what we can do to reduce the appearance, or, altogether prevent them in the first instance, however before we identify how to get rid of Stretch Marks, we need to understand what they are.

Firstly, what are stretch marks and how do they occur? Stretch marks are a type of scarring that occurs on the skin surface, and can initially appear purple or reddish, or light brown, depending on your ethnicity. Stretch marks usually appear as lines that are usually  vertical in direction , but may also go in a horizontal direction, this usually occurs in adolescent males across the back, and over the spine, due to rapid growth.

Stretch marks occur when the skin expands rapidly and is unable to cope with the change in the dermis, this causes tearing within the skin layer which in turn causes the stretch marks. The collagen and elastin in the skin weakens, and the normal cycle of collagen production is broken, which means that there is insufficient collagen in the skin to keep it supple during this rapid phase of expansion.

These marks  are most common in teenagers especially boys, in  pregnant women and in people that gain weight rapidly due to obesity or in body builders, the stretch marks in body builders or weight lifters, usually occur across the shoulders. Stretch marks related to pregnancy are referred to as Striae gravidarum. These types of marks occur once again due to the rapid expansion of the skin, and are predominant on the breasts, thighs, hips and abdomen.  Whilst these blemishes diminish over time, and usually after child birth, they never fully disappear. This brings us to the question can you truly get rid of stretch marks?

How to get rid of Stretch Marks

As the professionals have informed us, there is no clinical proof that any of the supposed treatments to get rid of stretch marks work, but can we improve the appearance with some of the treatment on offer? Or do Stretch marks just fade with time as all scar tissue does?

As we previously mentioned stretch marks occur where there is rapid stretching of the skin, and the collagen is weakened and depleted in the area, but what if there was a way for us to create more collagen to support the dermis, if would could produce more collagen, could we prevent, or get rid of Stretch marks altogether? Next we  will look  at collagen boosting products.

Collagen creams

Collagen cream contain the active protein which is supposed to penetrate the skin and help boost our collagen levels. However it should be noted that it is not possible for collagen molecules to pass through the surface of the skin as the molecules are too large, and will only sit aimlessly on the surface of the skin. However our  sources tell us that there are creams that have collagen amino acids, which are protein molecules that are small enough to bypass the epidermis.


Can supplements boost collagen levels and in turn get rid of stretch marks? Could it be down to that good old vitamin C? If you didn’t know already Vitamin C helps support the amino acids needed to rebuild collagen.

We were interested to see if a dedicated skin supplement can help us boost collagen, we came across a fantastic case study that demonstrated that taking a daily supplement can boost Collagen up to 25%, check out this article that delves deeper, the product in question is called IMEDEEN®, and we a very intrigued about this product,  however at $55 a month, I think this one is for the wish list.

Derma Rollers

Next we are going to look at how to get rid of Stretch Marks with Derma Rollers. Now this is an intriguing one, I have actually had this treatment performed  by a Dermatologist, and the initial consultation consisted of various questions one being, do you fancy 1000 tiny pricks on your face?…. take that however you will. Anyway, I had the treatment  and whilst local anaesthetic  had been administered   I could feel what I would refer to as “pressure” and some discomfort especially over the forehead . However I found the treatment to plump and restore the fullness of my skin and to rejuvenate  my skin. So I must declare that this treatment was performed on my face, and not on my stretch Marks however the overall result was to improve and replenish  the collagen levels.

Derma rollers are hand held devices that have micro titanium pins on a roller with sole purpose of puncturing the skin, so why put our largest organ through so much trauma? Well this is exactly what the derma roller is intended to do, cause trauma to the skin, and by doing so, the body does what it must always do to survive, heal itself.

Lets look at the science behind derma rollers,

Derma rollers cause fractal damage to the skin, causing the skin to repair itself, collagen is then regenerated. The newly regenerated collagen can help fill out wrinkles, add fullness to the skin and help reduce scars, as stretch marks are types of scars, dermal rollers can therefore help reduce the appearance and help get rid of stretch marks. At times when we are at higher risk of stretch marks such as pregnancy, you may want to consider using derma rollers as a preventative measure, ensure that the skin has plenty of collagen to support the rapid expansion of the skin. The overall performance from derma rollers will vary, as only clinical and medical depth rollers penetrate the skin deep enough to stimulate collagen reproduction, anything less than 2.00mm pin will not penetrate the skin deep enough to stimulate collagen.

The Moisture balance

Skin that is dry is more prone to getting stretch marks in comparison to healthy skin with a healthy moisture balance. Usually dry skin has less elasticity which can make this type of skin Susceptible to stretch marks. Keeping your skin well moisturised can prevent stretch marks. We recommend that you use a thick cream or balm  to keep the skin hydrated, our favourites are:

Elisabeth Arden eight hour cream which is a classic

The Body shops Hemp oil body butter

Virgin Coco oil solids or Virgin Shea Butter both by  Akamuti


There may be limited research surrounding how to get rid of Stretch Marks, but what we do know is there are steps that can be taken to actively reduce and prevent them.

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