Lip Fillers

The last 12 months has seen the demand for lip fillers explode, with more and more women, and men opting to plump up their pouts. Its  seems that our appearance conscious society will do anything to improve their appearance whether by natural means or a little boost. Many people have their own views on cosmetic surgery and Un-invasive treatments, however it is down to the individual to make a decision based on their own needs and by considering the risk of cosmetic procedures such as Lip Filler.

What are lip fillers and what do they contain?

Lip fillers are injections which are used to create more volume and definition to the lip area, the medical term is called lip augmentation. Lip fillers initially contained silicone, however this practise has since been abandoned due to fears of the effects off silicone in the body. The use of silicone for lip fillers came with various complications such as reactions and allergies, and if the person administering the silicone made a mistake it was virtually impossible to correct, once the silicone has been injected directly into the lips.There have been a few horror stories surrounding silicone fillers and we are glad to know that these are a thing of the past.

Lip filler containing collagen were very popular at up until recently, collagen fillers became popular in the 80’s where their use was standard practice. However there are draw backs with collagen fillers, the collagen is actually extracted from Bovine hide, which is a cow hide. If the thought of having the hide of a cow injected in to your lips does not sit well with you, it is just as well ,that technology has moved on and collagen fillers are not as common place. As mentioned previously there are certain draw backs with collagen which include having to undergo an allergy test first to see if you will experience a reaction. This means that the treatment cannot be performed straight away with a waiting period of around 3 weeks.

Fat injections are also a possibility for lip fillers, under these circumstances the fat is  extracted from the patients body via liposuction and then transferred into the lips. This option is not as popular due to the risks and side affects that come with Liposuction and the increased recovery time.

The most popular type of filler on the market these days are hyaluronic acid. This substance has become one of the favourites as there are very little to no side effects. The Hyaluronic acid is very similar to a substance that is already naturally found in the body, therefore the chances of adverse reaction are reduced. Another added benefit of using Hyaluronic acid is that if a mistake is made there is an antidote that will dissolve the acid away. The antidote is called Hyaluronidase and is an Enzyme which breaks down the Hyaluronic acid.

Where should I get lip fillers done?

We Would also recommend that you get your fillers done by a Doctor and not in a Spa. Whilst in certain countries the legislation surrounding injections is very relaxed we would always recommend  visiting a Doctor as they have the necessary  qualifications to be able to prescribe medication which may be required for aftercare purposes, as well as being able to administer the correct treatment should something go wrong during the procedure.

Lip Fillers how long do they last?

Hyaluronic acid lip fillers last the longest and can last up to 6 months, most people opt for two treatments twice a year. Out of all the fillers, Hyaluronic acid last the longest, with brands Juvederm and Restylane being the Doctors preferred option, out of the two most Doctors have a preference for Juvederm as it softer and easier to inject with a more realistic finish.

Lip Fillers before and After

Well, we know you will all be curious  to see  what the before and after pictures are like once the treatment is finished. We have  found the perfect site where you can view as many before and after pictures of real people  which have had the surgery done, and just so you know, there are also both men and women who have opted to plump up their pouts. Check out the before and afters at, whats great about this site is that you can filter on gender and filter on age. This will help you get a better understanding of the results, as the results vary with age, and gender due to skin type, and loss of elasticity which is found with older skin. Dont forget people, sometimes the results are what you expect, and sometimes you may get unevenness and lopsidedness, so make sure you do your research before hand.



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